Just wondering...


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Not trying to offend anything or anyone but is it me or was this forum a lot more active a year ago? Maybe its that time of year who knows... or I could be simply wrong about the whole thing lol Thoughts?


Summer time is kinda reefing off season. Other than frag swaps it maybe lighter or folks maybe on other forums now too.


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I think you're right....

But, I also think it goes in phases. Sometimes personalities drive people away. Sometimes life. Sometimes it just ebbs and flows.

I learn a lot from here, then I drift off to other hobbies, my tank goes on autopilot.... Then something drags me back, and I'm 100% on the tank. Either it doesn't look great, a new toy, a new species, something...

I know a few people on here outside of this hobby; I know I'm not alone in this one. It'll get dead-er in Summer. Trust me. We'll all be out playing with our fair-weather toys.
As of late, more guests on our forum than members.

Even when the forum isn't active with current posts there are TONS of older threads containing valuable information.


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There has also been some activity on that :hmm6:book page. That can take away some of the activity located here.


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this is the slow time of the year. i would expect right now to be the worst for home owners as our yards are in disarray :( . the facebook page for Rochester is definitely contributing things. Its easier/faster for simple questions and is a better format for quick tank shots .

this forum is better for in depth topics and when a thread of comments is useful. this forum has a wider audience as well.

both have their place an are not substitutes or replacements for eachother.
Just my opinion... But I think this forum benefits MORE from having the FB page rather than vice versa.

Still... It would be nice here on RC if you could post a video and/or picture as easily as you can on FB.

I work mostly off my phone nowadays!