Kalk drip rates


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i am setting up a drip line for kalk but i do not know how fast to set the drip i know to test and watch my params. What would be a good SAFE place to start 5 drips per min is what I was thinking.


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your drip rate should match your evaporation ideally. From there you can strengthen or weaken the amount of kalk that you put into solution.


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I fully saturate kalk (residue on bottom of vat), drip to evap rate. For me it's about 1 drop every 2 sec on a 92 corner w/ sump. That works out to about a gal a day. You can prob go much higher than a drop every 20 sec.

I prob kalk every other week, in between it's RODI via ATO. I won't claim that I keep up with my testing, maybe once every couple of weeks, this system works for me and keeps alk/ph/ca right in the ideal range. Moderate calcium demand in my tank BTW.

Hope this helps.


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What is best to control the rate of the drip I tried a plastic valve from my LFS but it will not close enough to stop or make a very slow drip. It may have been designed for just air. What would be best to use?


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If you know any nurses, or something similar, you can use one of those IV controllers.

Not the best picture, but this link should give you an idea of what I am talking about.