Kalk Reactor Stirrer Motor


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For those that have Kalk reactors with a stirrer motor on top. How many RPM does it turn. Want to DIY, but curious how many RPM before I source out a motor.



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Thanks, at that RPM is there enough movement in the water column to completely mix the kalk/water, or does it just keep the bottom portion mixed.


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From Aqua Medics website:

The gentle stirring action is perfectly designed to mix incoming top-off water directly into the gently spinning slurry of undissolved Kalkwasserpowder at the bottom of the Kalkwasser Stirrer's reaction chamber. Above the slurry, the top-off water rises into a fresh, clear volume of saturated kalkwasser solution where it is pulled, as needed, into your reef tank.

A link to the manual and diagrams.

You want the top of the chamber to stay clear. What goes into the reef should be clear. When the Kalk is used up it turns brown in the bottom of the reactor chamber.