Kalkwasser 2 part question


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Is there any reason kalkwasser can't be used as the second part of the2 part dosing regimen? I dose it throughout the day and it seems to me all I would need for my alk demand is to add the sodium bicarb part. My calcium reactor really depresses my pH and I'm looking looking for a way to use it less.


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Do you measure alkalinity and calcium?

Kalkwasser adds both alkalinity and calcium at the same time and raises pH depending on how much is dosed (limit being the top off volume).

Using only one of the two parts will offset the alk and calcium values.


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Yes, and the calcium is consistently high, >500 usually. I thought as long as I watched the calcium levels it it should be ok. All my top off passes thru a kalk reactor.


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I dose alk (sodium carbonate (A&H washing soda)) and kalkwasser. My daily pH range is 8.2 to 8.3. I also have a "tight" house and four large dogs contributing to the buildup of CO2, which comes into play with the kalk.