Kalkwasser vs. 2 part


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I have limited space under my stand as my sump takes up most of the room. I do have a 5 quart slim container I'm using for fully saturated Kalkwasser. This seems to be gone in a matter of 3 days or so. I believe I dose about 25-30ml/hour 24 hours a day using a dosing pump to maintain calcium and alkalinity (although it does drop slowly so I should probably be dosing more). Its starting to become annoying to have to refill it so often and was thinking about switching to 2 part. My actual question... is if I switch over to 2 part, can I expect it to last longer between refills? It seems evaporation is also becoming an issue as I have glass tops and the level in my sump seems to creep up if I don't leave the stand door open at all times. I also already dose Mg separately.