Keep CO2 setup?


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I am converting my high tech 150 gallon planted freshwater tank to saltwater (never tried salt before). I read something about CA reactors. Should I keep my CO2 tank/regulator/solenoid in the small chance that I might need it at some point, or is CA reactor only for really large reef tanks?


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I found that simple hand-dosing calcium ( ie you add it to your topoff water) fully sufficient for a wildly growing 50 gallon reef, and it probably could have handled a 75. It's all, however, dependent on how MUCH stony coral you have and of what type. I was growing hammer, which is real hungry and grows heavy skeleton (calcium),


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Good question on if a fw co2 setup will also work with a ca reactor. I'm sure the tank would, but my guess is that the other parts would not be suited.

Michael Hoaster

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Yes, your CO2 setup will work with a calcium reactor. So, depending on what you end up doing, corals-wise, a calcium reactor can be a great option.


I'd keep it. A calcium reactor can be a great piece on a reef setup once it's dialed in.
Great on high demand systems when dosing manually gets to be too much.