Keeping Brine shrimps


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Does someone when hatch brine shrimps, keep them and mantain them so they get older and bigger.

I hatched some of them and put them in a container with an airstone inside, feed them daily phyto but after 3 days that died.

What I did wrong ?
well, i hatch them too, and on the package it says not intended to rear to adults, or something to that extent. i just dont think they live that long for some reason? i dont know why, they just dont. so you think they only live 3 days? i havent tried more than 1.
I don't know honestly how long do they live but I tried it last week and after 3 days they were all dead, but maybe when hatched you need to eliminate the airstone.

Thats why I am asking.. Can someone help us pls
you are suppose to take the airstone out after they hatch i think? correct me if i'm wrong someone please!
Brine shrimp can be raised to adulthood easy enough. They need to be fed green water or phyto. They can also eat brewers yeast. One problem is that they are animals just like fish and therefore have a bioload. So when you hatch hundreds of the little beggers you can't raise all of them. The ammonias will go up and they will die.

Now some more bad news. Adult brine shrimp have little nutritional value. People who keep adult brine shrimp usually gut load the shrimp with Hufa before feeding. A better option would be to culture mysid shrimp.
I keep some adults in a mason jar. I feed them greenwater and artemia food, I've had them for about 3 weeks.
where is a good place to get green water/plankton? where can you get mysid shrimp eggs or live?
Go to

It is the San Fransico Bay Brand website.

They have tons of info on how to hatch them.

They also tell you how to decapsule them so you dont have to deal with the egg shells.

I don't use any filtration or air stones in the jar. I just dump a whole lot of greenwater in the tank and place the jar by the window. The plankton grows nicely, as well as some algae, and the artemia eat it. I also give them some artemia food from time to time.
Depending on how dense a population you wish to grow, it can be simple, or it can be very labour intensive. The simple way won't produce great numbers but there is little effort involved.
Gut loading can be via spirulina or Selco type foods.
If you want to produce significant numbers, then the work becomes greater proportional to just how many you wish to produce.
My web page gives you a description of how I progressed, but is not totally up to date as I don't recycle the water now; I make my own salt water mixture. Also, I grow in 20g garbage pails that I used to recycle the water in and can step up to 55g olive barrels if need be.
I feed Tahitian Blend exclusively unless I just gut load a specific food like spirulina or Selco just before feeding them to the tanks.
This means that I can take shrimp from any stage of growth and the nutrition level from the Tahitian Blend already in their system is excellent already and occasionally gut load of sp. or Selco for variety of nutrients.
Viewing my methods may give you ideas on how to scale your own operation to your needs/wants.

One very important thing to remember and that is to make sure the cysts you buy have been properly stored at 40F or a little less. (as in refrigerator)
If they sit on the LFS shelf too long, they either won't hatch or will have a poor hatch rate and survivability.
I buy mine from Brine Shrimp Direct, the top quality ones that produce best.
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what you mean sorry float out ?

brine shrimp are very weak swimmers and the current will just pull them out of the refuge i think.. i could be wrong?