Keeping tanks when your room gets sunlight: Algae disaster?


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I am considering places for my new nano and I like one spot in my den. I only have two windows in the den, but a lot of sunlight also bleeds in from the living room. I wonder if a lot of ambient as well as some direct sunlight would cause algae problems. I'd like to keep it in the middle of my den, but there is a more subdued corner I could keep it in. I am guessing the latter is a better idea, but thought i'd see what you all thought.


Well, I had a 100g in a glasswalled room: there was a coating on the windows, which cut down on the ambient, which would help, if you can do it. Algae tended to be a problem, but if you keep the phosphate down, it's doable. Also I was very rarely (seasonally) hit by direct sun, and only for a few moments.
Nutrients cause algae, not lighting. If lighting were a cause then no one would think of using 400 watt MH. My 29g gets direct sunlight for 3-4 hours a day. No algae blooms.
Completely agree with TippyToeX.

Mine gets a few hours as well, and wouldn't mind a little more.
Sunlight is good for it(if you have light needy invertebrates). Just keep nutrient levels down(ie not overfeeding, not too many additives, weekly water changes, carbon use with regular replacement, poly filters, efficient skimming) Throw a couple astrea snails and a couple turbo snails in too.
My main 75gallon reef gets indirect morning sunlight (kinda eliminating the need for supplemental dawn lighting). No algae problems here.
Thanks! I was thinking the same thing, but my boyfriend kept saying it was a bad idea (he's not a reef keeper.) So, I thought i'd see what the consensus was. Glad to hear my original plan will work out!

we had algea problems in our front tank that got 6 hours of straight on morning sun. We combated with macro algea and now we have no algea problems
the left half of my tank gets hit with light during sundown. the corals and clam loves it!. No real algae problems... well no more then the usuall lol.