Kent Products - need help with daily schedule (feeding/dosing tank) pics

Brent Thomann

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Kent Products - need help with daily schedule (feeding/dosing tank) pics

Can someone help with a schedule on feeding/dosing my tank and coral with my new line of Kent products. What/How Much/When

I have the following Kent 8 oz. liquid bottles
Coral Vite
Coral Accel

Tech-M mag.
Strontium & Molybdenum

Tank has been setup 6 months, cycled within days from all the live rock I added. 180 gals with 240lbs of live rock and a 40 gal sump/refuge. Just started the refugium.

Only have a one pretty big (3 weeks) Christmas Tree Worm Rock with over 20 worms in it and its full of Porties (not in pic). The Porties started to die off until I started feeding the above list. The thing is I don't have a clue as to a schedule, how much, what, when? I have a syringe marked in ml.

Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

Here's a somewhat recent photo minus about 20 lbs of live rock & fish/coral & Tunzes. Picture is real deceiving, its a lot bigger then it looks. So please don't say that looks like 50lbs because its not.
Here's another pic

Thanks a Bunch!


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As many here would suggest if you don't test for it don't add it.

If you do your normal weekly / bi-weekly water changes with your salt mix your likely adding enough, and your tank from the photo does not look too stocked any how, so why add things when you don't need to.

Coral Vite, Tech-M, and Calcium is what I'd stick to for now till you get more stuff. Fallow the directions of the product, and test for what you can. Calcium should be tested every other week or so, and kept around 450ppm. Alkalinity (dKH) test weekly, keep around 8 to 12dKH. Try a 2-part Calcium Alk supplement, it will keep both in line, like Kent Tech CB A & B.