Kent RO/DI Owners out there, NEED HELP ASAP!!!


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ok, i dont have a hose adaptor for my kent rodi hi-s 35 gph unit, it broke last week. i bought a faucet adaptor for it this past week, but couldnt figure out how to hook it up. today 2 of my acan frags died along with my sixline wrasse. so i want to do a 5 gallon water change on my 20 tonight. the problem is that the faucet adaptor does not fit on any of the 5 faucets in my house. am i supposed to be removing part of the faucet before i do this? any advice?

the adaptor came with no instrucitons by the way.


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Your lsf should have parts for them.Yes your suppose to unscrew the factory piece on your faucet and then screw your adapter on.


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I had to unscrew the aerator part of the faucet. I had to buy another piece from my hardware store. (( my unit isn't a Kent one, but shouldn't matter all that much ))

Here is a picture if it helps.



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Like Toddrtrex said, you need to completely unscrew the faucet outlet fittings (kitchen or laundry room sink should have the correct threads), and just get adapters from HD that will mate your RO/DI threads w/ the sink threads.