kessil 360w


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i have same tank as you, and i use to have two 360w and is not enough light but good shimmer those, if you like those light i would use 4 instead of two just my opinion


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are you thinking about getting something else for your tank ? just wondering if you did any research on a better option


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No, get the narrow versions. I have two A350s on my 120 and it barely cuts it. I should have gotten three, but it's not absolutely necessary since I have the whole 'two island' thing going on. You'll definitely want the narrow version since your tank is so deep, and may want to up the density from 3 to more to make up for it. A 4' tank CAN be lit with 2, but it's much better with 3.


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I have 2 360we on my 90 and am happy. 2 island setup with sps near the top, lps and softies down low. Sure 3 would be better, but the center brace is in the way. I run them at less than 80% intensity.


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I have a 160 (60x24x24). I have 3 360B and 2 T5s. I am going to add two more T5s. Since adding the first T5s, I have been happy. I just think 2 more will be perfect.