Kessil A360WE w/ Mount & Controller l Dry Rock l Dosing Equip l Part out


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Hey guys,

Due to a shift change at work, I've been neglecting my fish tank. Rather it sitting around, I rather sell the items to someone whom may need/want them. The following items are in working order unless otherwise stated and I'll also try to describe if there are any issues as best as possible.

<b>1) BRS / MarcoRocks Reef Saver Dry Rock </b>
-<b>1A) Left large Rock </b>
-- 11" wide / 11" deep / 7" tall
-- <b>$20 </b>

-<b>1B) Right Large Rock </b>
-- 12" wide / 13"deep / 8" tall
-- <b>$25</b>

- Both were cleaned, cured and used for in my past reef setup. They have sat dry in my garage for 2ish years.
- <b>OR Take both for $35</b>


<b>2) Jebao Doser </b>
- Practically new, only calibrated, but never actually used
- 4 Channel
- includes line holder
-<b> $25 </b>


<b>3) Dosing Container </b>
- New
- Holds water, does not leak
- <b>$25</b>


<b>4) Salifert Test Kits </b>
- Mag, Cal, and Alk
- More than 70 % left per kit
- <b>$20 for all three</b>


<b>5) Kessil A360WE LED</b>
- Approximately 2 yrs old.
- Never ran over 45%
- Have original Box for item 5, A and B
- <b>$200</b>

-<b>5A) Kessil Controller </b>
-- Used along with item #5
-- <b>$60</b>

-<b>5B) Kessil Mount </b>
-- Bolt on to tank
-- Includes wire, which is tucked inside tubing
-- <b>$60 </b>



<b>6) BRS ROX.8 Rox Carbon</b>
- 95% left
- <b>$10</b>


<b>7) JBJ Artica 1/5 HP Chiller </b>
- Approx 2 years old
- Fully functioning, no issues
- Possibly ran 3-4 times a day during really, really hot days.
- <b>$375</b>


<b>8) Three Chamber, Acrylic Sump </b>
- Unknown brand
- 23" wide x 23" deep x 13" tall
- <b>$30</b>

<b>9) Bubble Mag 3.5 Skimmer </b>
- Approx 2 yrs old
- Awesome skimmer, just very touchy/sensitive on adjustments
- Image refer to item 8 due to image limit on website.
- <b> $70 </b>

<b>10)VorTech MP10QD </b>
- Approx 5.5 yrs old
- Runs great, but hums after 60%
- <b>$75</b>


<b>11) Wet Rock </b>
- Rock from my tank
- Approx 30ish pounds
- Needs thorough cleaning
- <b>$50</b>

I am currently in the process of tearing down the tank so, the lights, chiller, skimmer, and sump should be available by possibly tonight (3/11/20) or tomorrow mid day the latest. All of the items can be tested before to ensure the buyer is confident and happy with the purchase.

As items sell, I'll update the post to avoid confusion.

<b>Contact Info:</b>
- 562-331-61three2
- Items located in Long Beach
- Will not ship
- Cash only

Thanks for your time.


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Sorry for those who have contacted me.

Been extremely busy at work due to the virus stuff. Pm's have been replied to.


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<B>What's sold; </b>

- Dryrock, test kits, doser, dosing container, sump and MP10.

<b>What's left;</b>

- Kessil 360, Kessil Mount, Kessil Controller, BRS Carbon, chiller, skimmer, and just added NEW B-Ionic CAL/ALK/MAG (16/16/32 OZ).

OBO on prices.
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kessil controller sold.

<b>What's left:</b>
Kessil 360, Kessil Mount, BRS Carbon, 1/5th HP chiller, skimmer, and B-Ionic bottles.


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Kessil 360 and mount sold

<b>What's left:</b>
BRS Carbon $10, 1/5th HP chiller $350, skimmer $50, and B-Ionic bottles $15.


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<b>What's left:</b>
- BRS Carbon $10
- 1/5th HP chiller $350
- Skimmer $50
- B-Ionic bottles $15

Offers welcome.


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Random, but if anyone has a Nikon D5600 DSLR for sale or willing to consider a trade for the chiller + cash on my end, maybe we can work something out.