Kessil AP700 Anemone setup


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I'm running an AP700 on a 55 gallon now front approximately 8 inches above the water. I've read through several conversations about lighting with bubble tip anemones, sounds like they like a lot of light energy. I was running my AP700 at about 30% starting with the darkest blue and transitioning to the 4th blue and back down. My system was without power for about 12 hours causing the timing of my lights to be off. Our bubble tip crawled to the highest point in tank looking for light. The lighting system came on at 2am and effectively burned the anemone. It has lost all color and has been struggling. I've turned the light down to about 15% on the 3rd blue setting to try and nurse it back to health. Any experience or suggestions are welcome.


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I find it interesting that the Nem did not move away from the light once it came back on. In any case...unfortunately I have never had success nursing back a bleached anemone's colors. You can for sure bring it back from death and have it healthy. I just don't know how long it will take to get color back, if it will even come back. One thing I would suggest is moving it and protecting it with a mushroom/anemone feeding contraption. Feeding it slowly during recovery. Ensure you don't cause more stress by over feeding to much or too large of portions at a time. Best of luck and I will be following along for updates.

***Well seeing as this was from October, any updates?***