Kessil setup for a 60x32x22


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Hi. So after using SB reef 30" fixture for about 3 years half the panel cut out. For what it was, it served me well. It grew SPS not fast but that could very well had been me. Since it burned out I lost a lot of my SPS so I decided to go top shelf and picked up 4X Kessil A360X Tuna Blues. I've only had them running for a few days but the difference in quality of light from SB reef is McDonalds to Cheesecake factory. Since my tank is 60x32 I arranged them in a rectangle box at 22" apart on center lengthwise and 9" apart on center crosswise since they are supposed to have such good spread. However on BRS they arranged them in a straight line on a 48x24 tank for SPS set up. I do want a SPS heavy tank eventually so I was wondering if anyone here who has Kessils thinks my arrangement will work. Also does anyone know the longevity of the A360X? Thanks for your time. I attached a few pics of my set up

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