killer worm!?


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What kind of worms are able to trap and kill snails? The worm That I saw was yellowish in color. Similar to a bristle worm. It looked like it was using a mucus net but as the snail was still alive it may of been from him. The strange thing was that the snail could not get away. the second part of my question is how do i get rid of it? it lives in a piece of live rock that is not removable. Do they make traps for these things? I will try to post a pic of the aftermath later (dead batteries)

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their are bristle worm traps, try that and put a big rock on top so other prganisms dont move it.

did it have bristles? long or small?

was it segmented? flat? smooth? round?

did it have tentacles?

any other descriptions would be great!!

good luck