Kinda OT(but not really): Does anyone have a wattmeter I could borrow?


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As the title asks...I'm trying to figure out some power consumption issues in my house(power bill of $530 on a 1200 sqft house) and seeing what I can get rid of that is running up my bills. If anyone knows where I can buy one on the cheap, that would be helpful too.

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I have had bills like that twice in my house, once was my well pump had the points stuck together and ran constantly for a month, and the other was the fan switch on my A/C broke and the A/C fan ran constant for a month. If your normal bill isn't near that high, i would first look at the A/C and see if the fan is kicking off when the compressor goes off, then if you are on a well, check your pump.

The power company will send someone out to test and see where you are wasting so much power for free.
We have a 1200 sq. ft. house and our bill last month was right at $300. We started doing that power bill averaging, and that helped.