kinda OT RO/DI and topping off your batteries


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Okay I need to top off my batteries in my boat and this requires distilled water. Can I use RO/DI water for this? I dont have any water that has been sitting around for days on end to consider it as distilled? Im thinking it would be just fine to use if not better?


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My Nissan battery needed occasional topping off and I just used regular tapwater. It lasted almost 5 years.


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I've topped off my batteries many times with water from the hose. Is that the best? Probably not. New batteries are not "supposed" to need maintenence but they do go low. From my past experience if they are low on water they're probably on the way out. Or maybe that's because I use tap water! :lol:


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RO or distilled water is the best as it doesn't have any minerals to grow between the plates and short out one cell of the battery.