Kinda primitive protein skimming...


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I was in a local farmer's market that is primarily Asian in the products carried, to get some sushi nori and fresh shrimp for my tank. They have a section where they have tanks of live fish - catfish, rainbow trout and tilapia. They also had a tank for Dungeness crab which, of course, is marine. Below each tank there is a trough where the water from the tanks is aerated and presumably filtered to some degree. For the freshwater tanks there isn't much foam in the trough, but for the crabs there was - much like you would see in a protein skimmer. What caught my attention was that one of the employees was using a long, flat shovel (like a show shovel) to skim and discard the foam from the top of the water.

It made me wonder just how much they could pull out if they used an actual skimmer (and MRC is located less than 30 minute's drive away), but that would be more expensive than what they would consider worthwhile.