korallin 1502 calcium reactor set up


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heyguys! I just installed my korallin 1502 calcium reactor on my 90 gallon tank. I have some questions for those whose have one or know about them.

First off, the directions that came with the reactor are terrible! Perhaps if I had a privious kalkreaktor then I would better understand how this thing works, but I haven't. Okay so I think I have it together correctly. It looks like the picture :) . If i'm reading the directions correctly then I should have about 40 drops per minute coming out of the first outlet, and I do. And from the second I have one drop every 30 secs. I have both going into my sump. I have the inlet tube coming from the tank above, gravity and siphon feed. I have the co2 connected and one bubble every 6-7 seconds coming up. I assume the only way to measure is to count through the sight glass. Is this all correct? How can I tell if its working correctly? and finally, this unit says it is forgiving and intelligent by communicating with the practitioner. It says you do not need a ph controler for this unit. Please explain this to me and how the unit is doing this or is it?. I guess my only other question would be with it running right now, are my calcium levels rising and is that dangerous? I have no sps corals in the tank now but plan on having then in the near future, hince the reason I bought the calcium reator. please help! thanks.


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Is it in your sump?
If so, it's much better to use a small powerhead or mini pump to pump water into the reactor to create a pressurized system.
In most situations, if you have approx 40 drops/second effluent AND 10 bubbles/minute CO2, your should get about 30 dkh, which over a period of several weeks will raise your entire tank's dkh.
I also have a 90g (48x18x24), but I have a lot of SPS. It took about 2 months to stabilize entire tank's dkh to 12, calcium at 420. Now I plug in the solenoid to the light timer so the CO2 is running only when lights are on.