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Got the premium aquacultured live rock from KP Aquatics today.

Is this a green sponge or a macro algae? What is its name?

Thanks in advance :)


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It seems to strongly resemble Codium but it grows as single tubes unlike the branching species I saw online. I had looked up neomeris before because the KP website said it could be that but it lacks that white base structure I see in images online...

I'm back with a tank again and quite excited to be starting up!


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just read that neomeris macro can become invasive. if true then you'll probably want to consider that.

of course i'm in no way an expert in macros so take that with a grain of salt
Any thoughts on this ID? Porites coral skeleton? Very zoomed in the structure in its entirety is about the diameter of a quarter.


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For me it’s honestly hard to tell with skeletons but I think that one’s fairly common on the rock just not sure what it is