Krylon Fusion

Nano Chris

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I was wondering for those of you who have used Krylon Fusion i was going to get some to spray the back of my tank i was wondering how easy does this come off? If i decide to change it do you need to use a razor blade? Or something like a credit card?


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I used it on the back of my tank. I've never tried to get it off. I would think it would at least require a razor blade. If I were you I would just be sure I wasn't going to want to change it.


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Just use a razor. The ones that come in the paper sleeve are best in my opinion, but it can be scraped right off.

Duff Man

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Like Coker said, use a razor. I decided to remove the paint in the area behind the overflow so I could see it better and it came off very easily. One thing, if you want to remove a selected area, trace the area out with the razor's edge first because the paint will come up like a sheet and you may take off more than you want. Any residue can then be taken off with steel wool and windex.


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if you think you mite question your action down the road. Dont use pain. Get some window tint which will can off easier then paint if you decide to change it.