L/F Unusual/Pest Anemones Please!


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After working hard on my tank for the last few weeks or so, I've got the bug for reefing again, so I'm gonna try to use it for all it's worth! But of course, I was never good at doing a "normal" reef tank.

Long ago I had an obsession with saltwater pests, ESPECIALLY pest anemones. So I'm kicking that off again by asking you guys to help me find some new pests for my tank. I already have the standard green majanos, but if anybody has some pretty (or even just really unusual) "pests" out there they'd consider selling (or if they've seen them at an LFS) send me some pics please!

I put some pics at the bottom of one I'm really hoping hasn't been eradicated from the earth (the bright pink tips are just so cool to me), but I'm also hoping there are other cool creatures out there that I've never even seen before! Honestly I'm just hoping you guys are finding stuff out in the world that we just don't see every day. :)


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