LA DD H. magnifica experience


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Hey guys,

Well I, like many, have had very limited success with anemones purchased online. Most either arrived as a bag of stinky goo or died within a week of arrival. I normally only purchased anemones from an LFS but I moved to the middle of nowhere MI fairly recent and don't have any local stores. I've been wanting another magnifica for quite some time and saw LA DD was posting a few, figured I'd give one a shot.

I ordered it on the 9th of February, it was listed as being around 8" in diameter. It was shipped on the 10th and arrived at about 2pm on the 11th.

First signs were not great, was completely deflated, mouth open upon arrival and wasn't sticky at all. It did still respond to touch so I acclimated it, fairly quickly as the water was pretty gross, and added it to the tank. First pic shows it about 5 mins after being added to the tank.

2nd pic is just before lights out on the 11th. Partially inflated, mouth was still gaping open.

3rd pic is from the next morning, it fully deflated a few times on the 12th but by lights out the mouth had closed up and was starting to look better. It did fully partially deflate a few times over the next couple days but continued to improve.

By the 15th, it had stopped the inflate/deflate cycles completely and was opened to the advertised 8" diameter. The clowns are enjoying their mansion.

And today on March 1st, its probably close to 12" across while the lights are on and very healthy.

*Edit, attachments didn't work... no wonder nobody posts here anymore. Pics can be seen on my Flickr, link below*

Glad I'm able to report a success story with this one! I did not administer any antibiotics, just gave it good flow, clean water and high light. Hopefully I can get my 125 setup this summer so I can get it out of the 14 gallon biocube its currently being housed in.

Anyone else on here try one of these mags from DD?