Lace Rock: 1yr in FW to tank, ok to put in SW tank?


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I'm tearing down my FW tank and there were a couple of really cool lace rock pieces that I thought might make good shelves in my reef tank. Would it be ok to put in the tank if I scrub off the light coat of algae that is on it? Any reason I should be concerned about this? I know people have mixed feelings about lace rock in SW tanks, but I've known enough people who use it without any problems. My biggest worry is that it was in another tank that wasn't kept up all that well the last few months (HIGH nitrates).
Spray it off really well and then let it sit out in the sun for a while. Once its completely dry let it soak for a couple days or a week and then put it in your tank. That should take care of everything
good call, I was wondering whether nitrates from a FW source would carry into the SW tank but that should just about take care of things I'd think. Oh well, there are just a few small pieces anyways...
If anything I think I would be worried about phosphates! Did you use tapwater for the FW tank? If so I would do what was previously mentioned and test the water it would be soaking in for phosphates. I recently had the same decision and just decided to throw the pieces out and use all liverock!
hadn't thought about phosphates. I'd bet that tank (already torn down now) was chock full of them. I used tapwater and did very minimal water changes. If I were to add the pieces one at a time with a few days in between while using phosban, do you think this would still be a problem?
To play it safe, if you really wanted to use them. I would soak them and change out the water until phosphates read 0. Doing this you run no chance of contaminating your water with phosphates, and will never have to worry.
I read a bunch on lace rock a while back, and phos. is the biggest concern. Do what FishMaster1000 recomends and you'll be ok. Also, if you used any medication in the FW tank that housed these rocks, then there's a different concern.
Good point Doody..That completely slipped my mind. If you ever dosed copper (in a lot of ick meds), I would take the same precautions as for phosphate and test the water for copper as well!