Lamarks angelfish.


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J&L Aquatics presently have a lamarks angelfish at 4.5-5 inches for $33.00. The saleslady said they get about 9 inches. Totally blew me away. Didn't know that at all.
LFS has a 1.5 incher for $55.00. Love to get one of these but would this be a good idea? Go with the big one or the smaller one? Thanks again


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I kept one & it was very cool - we called it "silver bullet" -it was a well behaved fish. I went on vacation & came back to a pinched belly. Passed soon after but a beauty none the less. Good luck with your decision - not sure of male vs. female temperment.


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That's why they are considered large angels, they get pretty big. I had one a while back and loved it, he was very bold and liked to pick on my borbonius Anthias.