Large acrylic tank and equipment for sale


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Please see post below for pictures:

I am getting out of the hobby and have some items for sale. Located in South Jersey. Pick up only. Selling everything as a package and will break up eventually if there is no interest in it together.

-265 gallon custom made acrylic tank in great condition. The tank is eurobraced and was made with black acrylic panels on the left and right side. Single overflow chamber spanning the side of the tank with 2x1" and 2x 3/4" bulkhead holes. The tank is big and thick acrylic but very light. My wife and I were able to pick this up by ourselves. Dimensions are 84"x24"x31"
-Stand and cabinets. Stand is heavy duty and metal reinforced. Plenty of room underneath for sump, dosing pumps, top off tank, etc. The two cabinet/shelves were made to be placed on both sides of the tank for a seamless flow. I later added on the frag tank which is now in the place of the one shelf.
-30 gallon deep blue glass frag tank with overflow.
-75 gallon sump/refugium. Both tanks drain to this sump and it will not overflow in the event of a power outage.
-20 gallon top off tank with JBJ ATO
-2x BRS dosing pumps
-Reef Octopus NW-200 skimmer with upgraded aquatrance 3000s pump
-2x Reefbreeders 32" V1 LED lights (one was taken down to allow room to pull out larger rocks from tank)
-Reefbreeders 16" V2 LED light
-3-400 lbs of rock. Most are large sized pieces. A decent amount is pukani rock.
-Plenty other accessories, frag supplies, etc

I'm sure I am forgetting some things and will update the post as time permits, work keeps me very busy. Please keep in mind the size of this setup. (I was just in the tank and sump so don't mind the floating debris in the tank. Tanking out rock, cleaning skimmer, etc)

$3000 for everything.