Large enough chiller for a 90 gallon tank?


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I live San Gabriel Valley where summer temps are in the 90s.

I currently have a Teco SeaChill TR10 chiller for my 30 gallon cube and would like to upgrade to a 90 gallon tank if possible using this chiller. Prefer not to purchase another chiller if possible.

Given the hot weather, would this chiller work on a 90?
If not, what is the largest tank this chiller can support?
Would adding fans to blow the the top of the tank help?

What size chiller would support a 90?

The specs on the chiller are:

1/8 horse power

Pull Down Specifications:
The capacity specifications are intended as a guide at a room ambient temp of 86°F & heat load of 1.25 W/gallon.

* 25 Gallons (27°F Pull down)
* 90 Gallons (18°F Pull down)
* 130 Gallons (9°F Pull down)

Thank you.


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I would probably use two 250 watt bulbs to light the tank.

I was told that I would need a 1/4 horsepower tank, but prefer not to purchase another chiller if possible.