Large Fish FS: Emperor and Majestic Angels, Blonde Naso, Blue Hippos


All fish are healthy and eat everything (algae, pellets, frozen, etc). No disease and have been in my 300 gallon tank for years. I'm moving, so need to sell the large fish to reduce bio load.

Very large Emperor Angel. Friendly like a puppy and king of the tank: $150

Large Majestic Angel. Model citizen that doesn't bother any other fish: $100

Small/medium Blonde Naso Tang. Nice, friendly fish. Healthy, but does have a little lateral line around one eye that came on during his initial quarantine. It has been healing but very slowly over the last year or so. $50

(2) Large Blue Hippo Tangs. One is a bit larger than the other. Healthy, but they each have some body scars from sleeping under rocks all the time. $50 each

I'm breaking down the tank this Friday night or Saturday AM. Would like to coordinate to have all large fish picked up on the same day. I'll discount if you buy multiple fish too. Pickup in Fullerton, 92832


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AdrianOcampo is first in line for the Naso.

There has been interest in the other fish, but no one has confirmed yet. So, all the rest are still available.


The Emperor is around 9 - 10 inches long. Nice and fat. A great show piece but does eat a lot. Currently only have GSP and he leaves it alone. Used to have a lot of SPS and he left it alone, but would knock frags over sometimes. Softies and chalices would probably get nipped at, with some LPS being ok.


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Large Fish FS: Emperor and Majestic Angels, Blonde Naso, Blue Hippos

How big is your tank? Those are some pretty big fish!

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All fish are pending for pickup tomorrow.

Naso Tang - AdrianOcampo
Majestic Angel - Sps1-2-b
(2) Blue Tangs - Stephj03
Emperor Angel - mOnkie

Anyone that is coming for fish can have as much free GSP as they want... I'm not interested in waiting around to meet up and give numerous people small frags of free GSP, but if anyone wants a lot of it for free, PM me and you are welcome to stop by and get a bunch tomorrow AM.