Large green carpet anemone


Sir Brian The Lenient
Staff member
RC Mod
I may have one available today. I picked it up yesterday at a wholesaler in Los Angeles, and am still debating whether adding it to my tank would be the best idea. It is being shipped from LA, arriving in Mattoon this afternoon. I am fairly certain it was s. haddoni, and is a bright green. If anyone is interested, PM me or post on this thread. I have to pick up some corals from Henry, so I could bring it to Champaign tonight, or it could be picked up in Mattoon today.

All I am asking for it is what I paid for it ($15, can you believe it?), plus share in the shipping costs, another $30, for a total of $45.

It was easily a foot across in the holding tank at the wholesaler, so you will need some room in your tank.