Large Ultra Neon Branching Star Polyp Frags


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PM is key.

Stellar coloration on these. They really pop a lot under any kind of actinic lighting.

Selling fresh cut Frags.
2-3" for $15
5-6" multi branch, mini colonies for $30

**Mother colony not for sale.**

This is not GSP. This is Briareum Asbestinum. Used to be common, but a rare coral these days. It is super easy to take care of, beautiful, grows fast but grows mostly upward so it doesn't spread annoyingly fast like common GSP would. This is a very different breed.

The first two photos were taken under U.V. lighting to show coral florescence. The other photos were taken under normal 14k lighting. The green on these is amazing and the way they move and sway in the flow is really nice too.

Kept under Ecotech Radion LED Lighting.

Local pickup only in Corona.









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its not gsp, but is it invasive like gsp?

thats a cool looking coral either way

I wouldn't call it invasive no. It encrusts probably only 20% the speed of GSP. Instead uses all its energy to grow upward in columns. As long as there is only water above it, it will just do it's own thing.