Last coral sale for 2020!


Resident Wise Guy
My last coral sale of the year as i dont plan to clear out any other corals and continue taking big losses so here's a chance at one last sweet pack of discounted corals!

P/u pasadena or can meet in surrounding cities. Will be off the 605 tomorrow morning. Fcfs. Paypal deposit to hold. No trades no shipping.

$300 firm for all corals listed below

Purple Torch neon tips (i paid $99.99 from Pacific east aquaculture)

Purple photosynthetic gorgonia colony (approx 8-9 inches tall)

Pink goniopora with yellow tips (bigger than softball size)

Jfox raunchy red bounce mushroom (silver dollar size, red bubbles forming but no white bubbles yet)

Green torch orange tips (i paid $129.99 from Pacific East aquaculture)

Purple torch yellow tips (2 heads. I paid $129.99 from Pacificeast aquaculture)