Last Tang Added Need Some Ideas On Smaller Fish


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Hey guy figured i do an update post.

Ive added a yellow tang pretty much the last of my fish additions.

There was no agression of any form at all between him and the Naso , they just looked at each other curiously and then after 10 mins or so started to swam together.

I think it was because they are both totally different shapes and colours but yeh im happy with them both so far.

I feed em with nori on lettice clip . marine green which is basically a mix of sea veggies and some meaty foods. I also find the naso prefers meaty foods over the greens but hey its all variety. The occational brine shrimp with spirilina is also added.

So my pretty much my final stock list for the 150 Gallon are as follows

1 Naso Tang*
1 Yellow Scopaz Tang
1 Flame Angel
1 Coral Beauty
2 Saddle back clowns (Pair)
2 Fire Gobies (Pair)
1 Bi Colour Blennie
3 Blue Green Reef Chromis

*Naso's still a juvenile plans have already been made when he matures to an adult.

Tank is


Im just wondering if there is other invets or small fish i could add to supplement the tanks house keeping - the bi colour is doing wonders for algea.

In particular the sandbed i do sumtimes find a slight discolouration with algea my suspect is extra food , ive switched to feeding every second day with the exception of the tangs which always have a small portion of nori to graze.

Basically something thats interesting and small enought not to push the bioload.

Tank recieves regular water changes 75litres approx 600 litres capacity so 12.66 percent weekly.

Could i also consider adding more rock ? Currently has 60 kgs.

Your suggestions and comments are much appreciated



I like algea blennies..they can get big though..but I really like their personallity and they each algea ALL day long...mine mostly hit the brown diatoms that formed on the glass before I clean it. Unfortunetely I lost mine to an evil blenny I have since fished out.

You can also look at some of the smaller wrasses for more color. I want to get a fairy wrasse..depending on the species they can hit 3 to 5 inches. I have a 6-line and he's just over 2inches at 2 years...if you don't go wrasse, you have a big enough system to support a mandarin. ..the wrasses would compete for food with it, but they are beautiful fish.



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It depends on what type of house keeping you're wanting the fish to do. With that group of fish I can't imagine algae being too much of a problem. If you are not a fan of bristle worms you could get a six line wrasse to keep them and flat worms in check.


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i guess a fish that keeps my sandbed clean and eats any algea that grows off there, or am i looking at more hermit crabs for that kinda maintanance ?


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You might consider some of the small wrasses, or some blennies or the larger gobies.

A mandarin should be able to support itself off 150 gallons of tank with rock, unless the firefish are getting all the pods. You might also look at the fingered dragonette, if you're into things that are a little more difficult.

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It's tricky with mandarins. A 150 should support a mandarin, but if the other fish are munching on the pods, you might not have enough to feed the mandarin without a fuge. Even with a fuge, I'd recommend waiting a year for the tank and the pod population to become established. My two small mandarins (surprise b-day present) eat frozen food, I have a 58 g fuge (on a 125 display), and they're still thin. I think a wrasse would outcompete a mandarin, even in a 150.

I'd recommend a dragon goby to stir your sandbed. I was unhappy with my sandbed, so I bought one and he does a wonderful job of sifting the top layer of sand. They get a couple of inches long, but I think you'd be happy with one.