lawnmower blenny ich question


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I have been having a huge amount of green hair algae spring up in my tank due to my best guess bad water sources. A buddy has been storing my tank at his house while I am in between moves. It has been 9 months of using RO water from Walmart. Anyways, getting clean RO/DI water from some local reefers and am preparing to do a 30 gallon water change followed by another large water change a week later in my 75.

Algae issues have sprung due to neglect, even though I still change 5 gallons of water weekly, but bad water from Walmart. I added new PC lights about a month ago and some turbo snails. I am moving the tank in about a month and want to add a lawnmower blenny, but will not have time to really QT the fish. Is this fish prone to ich? If I recall blennies and goby are a little more resistant. I'd like to add it now before the move to help rid the algae.

What are your thoughts?
Well if the tank doesn't have an ich problem then the blenny probably won't get ich since they don't get too stressed out. It will probably be fine.