Leaky Tank ?


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Its been hell the last couple days with my 75g. The skimmer overflowed a couple days ago, and I had to empty the tank and dry the carpet underneath. I got the tank back together and completely filled, today. After that I noticed the airline on the skimmer was dripping water. I cleaned that all up, and I keep getting a puddle on the stand in the back right corner. I can tell there is still water underneath the tank but I'm afraid the tank is leaking. The water level hasn't gone down in the last half hour, but I'm going to keep checking it.


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What brand of skimmer are you using? The air line to the skimmer shouldn't be leaking. I doubt the source of the leak is the tank. Skimmer is most likely the guilty party. If it is the tank, you will have to drain it and reseal.


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Greenmonkey, sympathy from here. Can you give us brand names on your skimmer, tank, etc? Some of us can troubleshoot skimmers, but not without knowing the brand.

My EV120 Aqua C notoriously throws water from every opening if you cut power and cut back on. Any of the EV series is apt to do that, and if over carpet, is best mounted in-sump.

The cosmic coincidence that you would have both a skimmer incident and a tank leak simultaneously is just too much: with Percula9, I'm betting water from your skimmer got under your tank, wicked over the stand surface to a low spot, and is puddling there. Get a grease pencil [eyebrow pencil will do] or a piece of masking tape and mark your current water level to a t. Remember there is evaporation lowering the level unless you've got an autotopoff working.


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Its a D & D marine Typhoon. I'm pretty sure that it was just water under the tank. Its stopped now. I'm just gonna leave my skimmer off my tank until the new one gets here Tuesday.