LEAR - Lake Erie Frag Fest, 2013


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Hello Everyone,

It's that time of year again.

Mark your calendars down for the 2nd annual Lake Erie Frag Fest presented by LEAR.

For more information about LEAR and the swap, visit www.learclub.com.



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I cant wait! I had such a good time last time. Just went to CORA swap for the first time this year. I prefer the LEAR over that...plus its a lot closer.


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..roger that...got it....
but like this past Feb will it be in the 70's next year?


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Bigger and Better!!!!

We've added additional space this year increasing the size of the venue 40%.
Vendors have already started to register, and raffle items will be added to our site shortly.

Visit www.LearClub.com for more info and updates.