learning to use a kalk reactor...


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A little underinformed, I: I got a pretty big kalk reactor [BAS] and hooked it up, cranked the stir function to max and let 'er rip.

We are leaving out the bit where I sprayed the room and me with kalk paste trying to stop a backsiphon...I didn't at first have a check valve on the ro/di reservoir line, which you have to have.]

We are going, instead, straight to the misjudgement that stirred the kalk to max and dumped undissolved kalk into my tank. Ooooops. I decided, upon saner thought, that perhaps the stirrer should be minimal, and the water should be slightly cloudy with kalk, not milk white.

The tank's fine. The calcium sits at 140, highest I've ever gotten it to stay.

The alkalinity plummeted by next morning to 6.5. Wak! I buffered. Wouldn't come up.

Doh! I wonder what my magnesium level is. Not enough. In goes a dose of magnesium. And the rest of the shot of buffer.

Next morning the water is pretty well in balance, 140 calcium, 8.0 alk. We're getting there. Now if the confounded gfi [ground fault interrupt] hadn't tripped off last night and cut off the pump and heater, we'd be good. [I've got to do something about that cussed gfi.]

But so far so good. Polyp extension is good. Fish are happy. A little white dust on the tank and sump walls, which is a relic of the overdose, but this stuff is far more forgiving than I'd feared. We're in pretty good shape on the 2-3rd day of this system.