Leaving Hobby: livestock for sale

Due to a new job and a move, I am getting out of the hobby. I list the livestock here first today, once that is gone, some equipment and rocks will follow Located near St. Louis University. Happy to deliver locally.

  • Magnificent Anemone with paired common clownfish. Both the clowns and the Anemone have been with me 5 years. The Mag is very well adjusted to captivity and growing in proportion to the feeding. I have kept it about the same size, 18-20 inches for the last 2 years, it never deflates. The clowns spawn regularly every month Asking $500 for ‘Nem, the rock it is on and the clowns. I do not wish to separate them.
  • A Pair of Pyramid Butterfly fish. I have had them for 4 years. 6 inches and 7 inches. Very healthy and active. $150 each or $250 for the pair.
  • A Pearlscale Butterfly. About 3 years in my tank, a beautiful and elegant specimen. 4 inches. $75
  • A Rock Beauty Angelfish. Very healthy and eating everything, this is not common. I have had him 3 years and he is beginning to grow streamers. 5-6 inches $125
  • A Majestic angelfish. Had him 3 years About 5 inches, very thick and sturdy. Eats everything including pellets. $200
  • A tricolor Wrasse, Kind of old at 3 years, full grown and very active but may not have much time left as this species is short-lived. $25
  • Bubble coral, nice specimen, about 4 inches across $100
  • Many very large green polyped mushroom corals. They no longer extend polyps because the angels and butterflies nip, but they still grow and are quite sturdy. If you buy them, they come with the rock they are attached to. $60 OBO
  • Large black urchin: $25
  • Large Acropora colony. It is green with pink and purple highlights. I don’t know what it is, it grew organically on a very old rock, obviously the rock comes with it. It is VERY hardy and beautiful. $100.



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