Leaving hobby - trigger sumps for sale

Hi all. Ive had my tanks broke down for about a year now while i took some time back from the hobby, and I have finally decided between work and home I dont plan anytime soon on returning to the hobby, so i would like to sell off a few things. I have a trigger 39 sapphire and an emerald 30 (i think thats what it was. Any interest in these guys? Very good condition, only used maybe 6-8 months until i switched jobs. I had t really thought about prices yet, so shoot me a message and we’ll talk and figure it out. Just trying to see if theres anything interest. I will def assist in the delivery. Just wanted to do local pickup because of their size

I am outside of Litchfield, about 45 minutes north of st louis.

Heres pics of both of them -
So checking back in - if anyones interested i lowered prices a little. 300 on the 39 sapphire and 200 for the emerald
Going to update prices just a little to try to get em goooone! Emergency vet bills *suck* lol. Ill do 275 on the 39 and 175 on the emerald 30.

And, ill do you a solid and throw in more of my crap that will never go anywhere. I have a 1lb container of the GFO, and 1.5lb container of rox .8 carbon. Just for purchasing one of these. Also maybe some other random stuff

Shoot me a pm