Leaving tank?


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Is there anything I need to do for my fishy friends? Unfortunately, I don't have an auto feeder. But, I'm thinking it's going to have to be an investment soon.
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Your fish will be fine without food for 3days...
Do you have ATO (auto top off) to makeup for evap? OR large enough return section to go 3days?


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You are fine with most fish (I would worry if you have Anthias or other fish that require frequent feedings) for three days, but the auto-feeder is a much better solution. I have my tanks set-up to allow me two weeks away without any maintenance. Long term you don't want to be tied to your tank and I would recommend sizing any top-off reservoir or dosing containers to allow you to take an extended vacation. A good controller like the Apex Neptune will also allow you to monitor your tank while you are away.

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On top of what the others mentioned, I'd advise doing a slightly larger-than-normal water change right before you leave. Just in case anything does happen, it gives you more wiggle room.


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Thanks, guys!

I had an anthias, but died within 5 minutes of acclimation into the QT :( Still waiting on the 2 weeks for LA for that one..

Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of automation to my tank yet. But, I generally top off every 3-4 days as my tank is covered and there isn't a ton of evap.

Future checklist is:

-some form of ATO
-3 part dosing pump

A controller is too rich for my blood at the moment unless I came by a killer deal on a used one.


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it's weird.. sometimes i can edit posts, sometimes i can't.

Anyhow, I would still recommend having a trusted friend swing by. controller will be much easier in the future, but I just saw someone's APEX fail and wiped out their tank.

you should always have someone to check your tank if you are gone for more than 2-3 days.

RA sounds like a trust worthy guy.. you could hand him the keys
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RA sounds like a trust worthy guy.. you could hand him the keys

Yeah you have some equipment that I could keep a close watch on. :uhoh2:

Why don't you ask a mod to delete your post.

Heah and have a good weekend and don't worry about a thing.


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I know you don't have one yet, but I had an auto feeder and it worked out great when I traveled. I would definitely recommend one. I have an Eheim