Leaving the hobby sale


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Leaving the hobby sale.
Getting out sale
I'm leaving the hobby for the time being until I can devote more time to it. Med school is consuming my life right now.

14 gallon biocube turn key system.

I'm located in Sterling, IL 61081

I will sell as a package or part it out. Obvisously livestock will need to be sold first.

Pics speak for heath and what I have.

1 year old mint conditon Coral life pro 150watt MH light with 3 month old ushio 14k bulb. Has dual 65 watt PC actintics that are 5 months old and 2 moon light leds.

$300 and includes stainless steel haning kit never used.

Chiller cant remember the brand $250

I will sell the entire setup and livestock, everthing you see for

$800 minus the aqua controller junior. I'll throw it in for an $100.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU WANT, PM ME FOR PRICE AND INFO. I'm def open to offers as I would love to sell to a good home and sell before summer is here and I start my residency.











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I hate to see someone leave the hobby. I hope to see you back. but you posted in the Springfield MO forum. I think you might have ment to do it in another forum. To bad to because I wanted that monti, clowns, shrimp, purple zoas, orange zoas, ricordia, and mushroom really bad. I hope you can sell everything!