LED Colors


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I'm building DIY LED lights, each 12" x 12" light will have the following 3W Leds:

12ea 10k White
12ea Blue
24ea Super blue

All colors will be individually dimmable.

I'm looking for a 14-15K final color mix.

Does this mix seem correct?

Would you add any other color LEDs to the mix?

Orange,red,green, or violet to make things pop?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Hard to say if we do not know the brand of led's you are using. The most common Cree's come in Blue (about 480 nm) and Royal Blue (about 460 nm). Cree cool whites are around 10k. So not sure what blue and super blue are. As for the ratio it depends on the relative lumin output of the different colors. For Cree XR-E's it was generally a 1 to 1 ration. For the newer XP-G and XP-E's the ration is more commonly 2 :1 or even 3 : 1. For more 14k I would with the XP's stay in the 2 : 1 range. Also put the leds on dimmers so even if you miss on your initial numbers you can individually ajust each color channel.

As for color pop. I did a 50/50 of cool to neutral whites to increase my 650 nm plus spectrum some and get reds to pop more. Many people are adding a very few greens to get the 500 nm range where most white leds seem very lacking, and even 1 or 2 reds to get that 650 plus range. Personally using the neutrals seem to get enough in the 650 + range for me. You need to be very cautious with red as they can be overpowering, especially in a small array.