LED for New Project - Round Acrylic


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I am tired of working on my 120 gallon show reef tank. I am down sizing to a size that I can work on without a ladder. I am looking into having a 30 gallon round tank made for me for a table top application. I will transfer all of my corals into it. The tank will be about 20" in diameter.

I need a LED fixture that I can hang over the top that is dim-able on a controller from bright sunlight (250+ HQI-type) to moonlight, automatically.

What products have you seen that meet my needs? I'm not rich, but I would like to know what the best products available are as well as more affordable ones. I might go with the best if it's worth it.

Thank you! I will keep you updated on the progress of my new project, just like I did with the old one.


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That'll do it. Is the penetration too great for a 20 - 22" deep tank?

Also, anyone know what kind of HQI this simulates? 400W? Is that cooled by an internal fan? It looks like it. How much heat will it project into the water? And finally, what kind of automated controller would pair up with it?
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