LED lighting for carpet anemone


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I’m a long time reef keeper who has been out of the tropical game for the last five years. I’m setting up a tank again that will house a haddoni, or BTA’s. Lighting looks like it has advanced a lot. I used metal halides back in the day but want to catch up with y’all and go LED if I can. So asking for recommendations. And if anyone would recommend the Tuna Blue a80 or FluvalSmart marine 3.0 would be of particular interest to me. I use FluvalSmart 3.0 planted for all my freshwater tanks. Thanks everyone it’s good to be back.


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Well Metal Halide is still around, just less of a selection. However, I would do the Tuna Blue over the Fluval however an important thing with LED is going to be par. Make sure you have controllability (I believe the tuna blue will have this feature)


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Yes, metal halide is still around. In fact, I'm running a 175 MH over a 40 breeder currently using a CoralVue MH Electronic Ballast and an Iwasaki 10K Bulb. I've got a future upgrade to a 75 gallon tank and plan to use two of those combined with T5 VHO actinics.

But, as reefing102 mentioned, the selection for ballasts and bulbs is getting really slim. I found a seller a while back with the Iwasaki bulbs and bought all he had and have enough of those for 4 years (8 bulbs). I also found a supplier with some AquaConnect 10K bulbs and bought all he had, so I have enough of those for another 4 years (another 8 bulbs). Lastly, I have enough Reeflux 12K bulbs for 6 years (12 bulbs). So, as long as my ballasts hold out (I have 5 of the CoralVue electronic ballasts) I'm good on lighting for 14 year:lol: