LED Lighting over 110 tall tank


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Hi everyone,

I've got a DAS tank with a corner overflow (48Lx18Wx30T) newly established reef tank (still cycling), and I'm confused on what to do with the lighting.

So far, it's being lighted by a single Kessil A360WE over the center. Unfortunately, it is divided into thirds by the horizontal supports, so using 2 lights seems like it might be impossible, due to shadows created by the supports. Is there any way to use two A360s, maybe by angling them inward and mounting over the two outer portions of the tank, or would I be better off with buying 2 A160s and just dividing the tank into thirds, with the 360 in the middle? I'm just concerned that the 160s won't have enough juice to do anything useful over a 30" tall tank.

Are there any lighting experts who could give me some guidance on this?


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I would think that if you wanted to stick to Kessils, that you would need to employ a trio of A360NE's to punch light deep enough into a 30" deep aquarium, unless you only keep lower-light or non-photosynthetic corals near the bottom. If you had higher rockwork in the middle, you could probably employ the A360WE in the middle, but flank it with a pair of the A360NE's, angled a bit towards the middle.

I do not think the A160's would offer much at that depth, again, unless you are keeping lower-light corals throughout...


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I have a deep blue 110g that is the same dimension as yours.
I have two ai hydra 52s, one on each side.


Ron Reefman

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How about using one single fixture over the entire tank? Like this. It's slim and modern looking, has 6 channels of color control, 5 modes including custom for sunrise/sunset, dead quiet fans that only run if the unit gets warm (mine runs at about 75% power and the fans don't run because it's barely sbove room temperature.