led order


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I'm getting ready to order some 5mm blue leds, if anyone wants in lmk so I can make sure to get enough to go around. Last time I ordered they ran about $.25/led with resistor for 12v. I'll probably be ordering these in the next couple of days. Respond here so my pm box doesn't get overfilled as I don't want to miss anyone. Happy reefing


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you looking for the specs on the leds?

Emitted Colour : Blue

Size : 5mm

Lens Color : Water Clear

Peak Wave Length (nm): 465-470

Forward Voltage (V): 3.4 - 3.6

Luminous Intensity (MCD) : 10,000

Viewing Angle : 20-25 Degree

Max Continuous Forward Current : 30MA

I order the resistors from a seperate supplier and holders(when I need them) from a third the extra hassle saves a few cents per led


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moon lights in general, but on my pico I have like 15 and they are functional as actinics. I think most would be surprised at how bright they actually are. and for referance these are about twice as bright as radio shack led's even more so if you overdrive them a little.