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I am thinking about taking the plunge into led lighting...possibly radions? Upgrading from my current t5 setup. I would really love to go the halide route but I realize that they are expensive to run. So as far as leds go here are some questions.

1) do leds lose par over time like t5s do?
2) what happens when the bulbs finally give out? Can you replace the leds individually or do you have to buy a whole new $700 fixture?
3) how much difference is there with shimmering between LEDs and halides? Specifically radions.
4) do LEDs heat the tank water like halides?
5) and lastly, hoe much a month does it really cost to run, say, a 3x 250 halides?

Sorry for the long list of questions guys but I really appreciate any and all input from you guys.

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1. 3% versus 10 to 15% a year
4. Heat the room not the tank
5. $19.80 a month that's 8 hours a day at 10 cents a KWH


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2) It depends on the unit. Some you can just replace the LED's others you can't....in either case it's usually a chunk of change

3) The shimmer is different, but it exists. Some describe the "disco ball effect" due to having different colors being emmitted, and seeing the shimmer of the individual colors. Personally it's not bad enough to bother me, but it bothers some.

4) Not nearly as much heat, and almost none directed at the tank


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Thanks for the replies guys. I'm currently debating between radions and kessils. I really like the shimmer on the kessils however I've heard that radions are far superior in terms of par.


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Anyone out there for kessils and radions that can comment specifically on shimmer, coral growth, and coral color? Those are really the 3 things I am concerned about most. Pics/videos are helpful too!