LeeMar tank and fishes for sale


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Hello reefers! Now that most of the livestock is gone and rest is going into a 40g bin, I'm planning to shut down the tank in the next few weeks. I will be selling the tank, stand, and sump as well as two fishes.

Lee Mar starphire (low iron) glass 150 gallon peninsula tank 48x32x22 - Very minor scratches I see one or two. No leaks in great condition. For those of you that don't know Lee Mar is no longer building tanks but they were the most trusted local tank manufacturer in the past.

Black stand 37" tall - The door joints are a bit rusty but still in working order might need some grease. Some paint has come off but easy to touch up with a little TLC.

Advanced Acrylics 40g sump - Acrylic lasts forever there's probably some scratches on this but can't tell.
Letting the above 3 items go for $1k. 50% deposit if you want to hold. I'd be open to partial cash/trade if you have one or two 400w single ended electric ballast MH set ups that I can use next year when I start up another tank in the garage.

Earlei Fairy Wrasse - Had it for over an year and super healthy eating like a pig. One of the most beautiful fairy wrasses out there. About 4 inches. $500.

Foxface - Got it to eat algae and did a great job. $20 but if you buy the wrasse this is free.

Happy to send more pics if you text me at 9096184828. Located in 91011. Thanks for looking!
Price drop to $750! Pics below!






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