Left over thawed cubes... toss or refreeze?


Just like the title says. Refrigerate, refreeze, or toss? Does the kind of frozen food make a difference also? I'm using spirulina brine, mysis, and krill occasionally. TIA


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according to FDA ... if seafood left outside for more than 2 hours, it should be refrozen. I think for 2 days or something like that .... to kill / slow down microorganisms.

mysis will loose its shape and form and texture when refrozen, the heads will also go black.

best to use thawed food within 24 hours, while keeping it in fridge in between feedings.


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I had the same question and stumbled onto a thread where most people said to just keep it refrigerated for up to 2 or 3 days.


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I'd toss it.

After I mix my frozen cubes with saltwater to thaw them and feed... if I wait over an hour, the fish get persnickety and refuse to eat some (already 'going bad')

It's just a 'cube of food', the $ isn't worth giving my fish 'food sickness' lol or having them not eat it and sit and cause nitrates and the like.

Just my $0.02


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I used to thaw and refreeze food but it lost texture due to cystalization fractures and just turned to mush. But I see no reason you cant refrigerate it and use it within a day or two. The growth of bacteria at 36 degrees is very slow.


Thanks for the reply's everybody. I've been refreezing for years but just until my next feeding because I had more fish. ..a lot more fish. My 150 is down and I'm down to 2 small fish. Thanks again


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I have a freezer right next to my tank. Since I have such a small amount of fish, there's always leftovers. I just put the cup in the freezer and use it the next day (or 2). No problems with fish and corals eating.

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I use flatpack mysis and usually break off enough for 2 days of feeding. I just put it right back in the fridge the remains.


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This ^

Only thaw the cubes that you know you can go through in a 2-3 days, IMO. The food that doesn't get eaten on day 1, I just keep in the fridge.

+1 - I make blender mush (shrimp, Mysis, Cyclops, Clams, etc.) and freeze it in a mold used to make little cubes of Jello. Each cube feeds the tank for 2 or 3 days. I refrigerate the left-overs for up to 2 days.