let me know what you think and show your nanos


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Hey guys this is my new innovative marine nuvo 38. Running foam filters everywhere possible lol,im skimmer, reef breeders 120w led, soon to be mp10 and da reef keeper light, five in the back, and gfo and carbon in the chambers.
Let me know what you think and hope to see you guys around once I become a member of slash..


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looking good so far!

If I was to be really picky.

Next I think you need to add some red coral, there isn't a whole lot of variation.


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nice start!
what light fixture do you have?
im looking to upgrade my lights by want to keep my hood
not sure what im gonna do yet.
ill have to get an updated fts of my nano.


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yeah I clean my foam filters 2 times a week and change my filter floss 2 times a week also... and I have a reef breeders controllable led 120w works good and very well built. and carbon is in one of the media rack chambers and sory its not gfo its just phosguard or something like that and I run it on the overflow to the middle chamber so I get good flow across it


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oh and yeah im trying to get some red or orange acans and possibly in a few months going to get more sps so I can vary my color away from green lol. if anyone knows some hardier lps or sps that arnt green let me know... and yeah lets see it I wanna see what nanos people have around the area I used to run a big tank but I was having trouble keeping up with the maintaince


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Thank you...I plan on hooking it up in series with my 125 a lil down the road so I can keep my params stabilized without so much work everyday


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Your tank looks awesome! I wish mine looked that good!

Here is my nano the first pic is from when it was packed full. Then I re did the whole thing took the back wall out and sold off alot of stuff to buy zoas and grow out



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I still think yours looks great...I have problems with zoas and.palys I can never get full colonies to open. Do you have any idea what my problem could be... I know it's not pox or spiders