Lettuce Nudis


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Has anyone had any luck with these guys? We've tried them twice before, and they do a GREAT job eating the algae and seem to be healthy, but then they just disappear. We can't ever seem to keep them around for too long. Are there any fish that are known to eat them or some other secret death trap in the tank that we don't know about?


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My main problems were pumps/powerheads and overflows. They get sucked into them very easily.


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I've tried them twice myself. The first time, the nudi ate every bit of hair algae in the tank, then overtime it started shrinking then dissapeared. Guess it died. Second attempt, same thing ate some hair algae, but the powerhead ended up getting it. It didn't get sucked all the way, it was just stuck to the intake screen. By the time I got it lose, it was dead. I heard something about they shrink when not supplied enough food. Which was my case I guess.



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I had the same problem as Michael. They don't handle flow well IME and powerheads make lots of little new ones that seem to dissappear also.


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Yeah, during round 1 with them, one got sucked up against a powerhead, but I got him out and he did fine for a week or so after, then POOF! they all just seem to disappear.

The food supply isn't a problem in our tank. We have plenty of algae for them to feed on, hence we want them...


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My lettuce slugs multiplied by going through the powerheads, but then disappeared about 5 or 6 months after I got them. That was around the time of the rabbid rabbitfish, so it could have found some munchies...


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I had the same problem with mine. Had them for about 2 weeks and then Poof there gone. Was'nt in the power head , piping or sump. and i tore out all the rock and didnt find them. Unless the clown fish ate them or there under the sand bed, im guessing they disolved in the water somehow..